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Gahl Hodges Burt speaks on the evolution of the role of the First Lady. From Lou Hoover who helped form The Girl Scouts, to just about every First Lady since then who have tried to shine a light on a particular area of interest to them. First Ladies are no longer thought to be just adornments of their husband’s. They must be women who have interests of their own – but those interests cannot conflict with their husband’s agendas. It is a difficult balance to strike sometimes. In 2010, Gahl was an US election monitor to Afghanistan. She came home with the firm conviction that the only real change agent in Afghanistan is going to come through “soft” power. In that regard, she has since sponsored 3 Afghan girls who attend her daughter’s high school. Their projects and internships when they are back in Afghanistan during the summers are very important. Gahl has started speaking out on the need for educating women around the world, and especially in the Muslim world.


Gahl has been a guest on C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and all networks, providing commentary on State Dinners, funerals and State Visits.

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